One-Stop Tech Shop

You’re busy running your business, your organization, and your home. The last thing you want to do is to spend time and money becoming a technology expert. That’s good news for both of us because we are technology experts with several decades of experience. We’ll provide multiple solutions and work with you to implement the one you choose. Contact us and see how we can exceed your technology needs at a reasonable price.

Kathy T.

I was having problems with my work computer. The IT guy at my company couldn't fix it. Another IT person couldn't fix it. I even took it to Best Buy and they couldn't fix it. I called Catalyst Tech. A solution expert arrived soon and fixed the problem quickly!

Alicia B.

My computer gave me some error messages so I took it to Staples for a free checkup. They found some problems and wanted to charge me more than $140 to fix it. I contacted Catalyst Tech Solutions and they fixed it for me for half the cost of Staples.

Alisa D.

I appreciate the fact that I can contact just one company for all my technology problems. The first time I contacted Catalyst Tech Solutions, they fixed some problems with my computer. Then they helped me with some software problems I was having. After that, they gave our company's website a whole makeover. And now, they are building a custom gaming computer for our son.


When we have network problems, we contact Catalyst Tech. They are there the same day and have us working in a half hour or less.


The computer techs at Catalyst Tech Solutions are wonderful! I love the way they communicate and explain things to me. They answer all my questions, give me helpful suggestions and have been able to take care of all my computer needs. They are quick to contact me and arrange a convenient time to take care of the problem or need. The added bonus is that they come to my office to work on my computer. I don't need to haul it around. Catalyst is truly a service company that cares about their clients.

Aaron Rossetti

Catalyst Tech Solutions provided our small business with a website in complete alignment with our vision and business needs at such a reasonable price.  Heather was a pure pleasure to work with.  I never hesitate to recommend CTS to anyone within the business community!

Melvin Swope

Catalyst Tech Solutions provides excellent website, Managed IT and phone services to us.  We are very happy with the fact that we have only one phone number to call if we are in need of help and assistance.  Catalyst Tech Solutions is a wonderful company that I would recommend.