Your website has less than a minute to generate interest in the visitor. That means in less than one minute, you need to effectively communicate who you are, what you do, and why the visitor needs to stay. Companies and organizations that outshine in serving clients all have one thing in common: They have an excellent website. They utilize their website as a marketing tool in order to communicate effectively. Catalyst Tech Solutions ( has been creating websites for years and we want to share some essential principles of an excellent website.

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A website is a necessity

For a business or organization, a website is no longer an option. It’s a necessity because it helps you gain new clients and establish your credibility. The question should not be “Do we need a website?” but rather “What type of a website do we need?” It’s important to have the right content, features, and style.  It is easy to spend too much or too little money on a website. At Catalyst Tech Solutions, we would love to serve you by finding the right solution for your business or organization at an affordable rate.

Your website should be mobile-friendly

When websites first came into existence, they were designed to be viewed on a computer. As a result, the websites were written with static or fixed dimensions. In the last few years, websites have been predominantly viewed via mobile devices (phones, tablets, iPods etc.) Unfortunately, the static or fixed dimensions don’t translate properly on a mobile device which causes your visitors to leave the website. If your website is not mobile friendly, Catalyst Tech Solutions can easily fix that problem and help increase your business.

Update content at least once a month

If you would like people to visit your website on a regular basis, it’s important to give them a reason to visit. There are simple methods of keeping your website active even if you are not in the business of selling products online. One good practice is to update your website at least once a month. This can be done by writing a blog, article, or even through a graphical piece in a web slider. If you don’t have time or an extra set of hands, we offer these services.

You might need an SSL certificate

Much of online traffic is unsecured, meaning a hacker could potentially eavesdrop on someone’s web use. While this is troubling, it gets much worse if your client or employee has to log into your website to access sensitive information because you don’t want a hacker to access this information. One of the best ways to protect sensitive information is by installing an SSL certificate on the website.  An SSL certificate is a secured tunnel between the website and the clients/employees. Websites with a properly working and current SSL certificate have a green lock icon on the top left of the website’s navigation bar, and the website starts with “https”. If your clients or employees log into your website to access sensitive information, please ensure that you have an active, working SSL certificate.

Balanced pictures to words ratio

The average website is viewed for only a few seconds. You have very little time to convey the correct information. One of the best methods is to use the correct amount of pictures and words to get your point across. It’s important to have both in the correct ratio to appeal to a variety of audiences.

Ensure that people can find your website

“Build it and they will come” applies to the Field of Dreams and a few select companies. Many businesses and organizations have a website but it is often lost amongst other websites.  There are many options available to drive traffic to your website and they come with a wide range of price tags.  Let us help you determine which search options best suit your budget.

While not an exhaustive list, these six serve as a great place to start when you think about your business or organization’s website. I realize that you might have more questions than answers after reading this article. It’s hard to provide specific answers in this article because no two companies or organizations are alike. Please contact me at ( and I would love to serve you by ensuring that you receive the maximum benefit of a well-designed website.