Windows 10Microsoft has announced the official release date for Windows 10 to be July 29, 2015. Some say that Microsoft skipped Windows 9 because the new operating system has a lot of drastic improvements. In just a few short weeks, the platform will be made readily available to the public as a free upgrade for Windows users. You can either download Windows 10 from their website or trade in your old PC for a new one that is compatible with this operating system.


The best word to sum up Microsoft’s new OS Cortana-teaser-004platform is productivity. Everything about the new system was designed with the end-user in mind; how to fix standing issues with previous platforms and how to increase the customer’s productivity. This system is said to be built with a very intuitive system that crosses devices. From our own research, we are most looking forward to these changes:


  • Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant that shows resemblance to Apple’s smartphone “Siri”, but this assistant communicates across devices. She will keep you on task, simplify web browsing and manage your calendar not only on your PC, but your smartphone too (Windows, Android or iPhone) among other things.
  • Microsoft Edge is their new web browser that allows for interaction and speed. You can take notes directly onto a web page and share with others.  You will also be able to use “Reader View” which simplifies the web page by taking away excess junk for a clean and easy to ready webpage.
  • PC gaming made easy! Xbox live is built into the Windows 10 OS so that you can stream games from your PC to the family room console.


What this means for you

On July 29th you have access to the free Windows 10 upgrade, with system support, for one full year. We suggest planning ahead and taking precautionary steps to make the transition as smooth as possible. As with any major technological change, you can expect issues with the transition like losing files. This is where Catalyst Tech Solutions team members can help.


How can we help?

Catalyst Tech Solutions is here to help both Commercial and Residential clients. Our team members can prepare your PCs to make the switch and potentially prevent loss of data, time and insurmountable money. There is a possibility of damaging or deleting files if your PC suddenly crashes. As we err on the side of caution; Catalyst Tech Solutions can back up everything to an external hard drive or cloud. Other potential problems consist of failing hardware, deleted antivirus software, uninstalled software, and faulty network connections. Our IT team knows what to look for before or after it happens so that you don’t miss a beat.


Whether you have one PC to upgrade or an office full, we are here to make the switch easier for you. If you have any questions about how we can help feel free to email us at